Calm Breath, Calm Mind



A Guide to the Healing Power of Breath

by Geshe YongDong Losar

Paperback, 109 pages

Black-and-white illustrations

Height: 8 ½” x Width:5 ½” x Depth: ¼”, Weight: 6 ounces


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From the preface by the author:

In this fast-paced, high-tech world, we are challenged daily with obstacles and emotional imbalances. It seems to me that here in the West, most people are overly busy and the resulting stress can be extreme.

I have written this book to provide clear instructions for simple, relaxing, efficient exercises using the breath to heal the mind and emotions, and bring balance into the energy channels of the body. These exercises have been passed down to me by masters of the ancient Tibetan Bön tradition. They can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I have used mindful breathing most of my life, in all situations, and it has always been helpful. I find that taking a few mindful breaths helps me relax and focus whether I am teaching, answering questions, meeting new people, or expressing myself in English, my second language.

My hope is that this book on healing using the breath will help many people and increase awareness of the natural ability we have to heal ourselves.

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