Collected Works of Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, 13 volume set (in Tibetan)


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By H.E. Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche

The Library of Triten Norbutse Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, has compiled the writings of H.E. Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, the senior most scholar in the Bon tradition, and organized them into a beautiful 13 volume set. Note: These books are in the Tibetan language.

Volume 1: “sTon Pa sangs rgyas kyi skyes rabs padma dkar po’i phreng ba”. History of the successive lives of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab based upon the extensive and medium length biographies. This text is compiled in a condensed version to make it more accessible for those who are interested. Some important points are clarified. There is an index of important terms, which are contained in teh text along with their explanation.

Volume 2: continuation of Volume 1

Volume 3: “bTan byung dang lo rgyus kyi skor”. There are three texts in this volume. The first, based upon Buddhist and Bön original sources is a history introducing early Tibetan religion and culture for the younger Tibetan audience. It is written in an informal, free sytle. The second is a history of the origin of Yundgrung Bön and a short explanation of Bon practice. The third is a pilgrimage guidebook to the important Bon monasteries and holy sites in Tibet and Nepal. It is based upon Bön historical texts and Rinpoche’s personal pilgrimages.

Volume 4: “rNam thar dang dkar chag gi skor”. This volume, with thirty-five articles, contains various cataloges of temples and stupas, a description of Tonpa Shenrab’s clothing, and analytical study of his date of birth. There is also a list of the lineage masters and some biographies (rnam thar) of various lamas.

Volume 5: “bZo rig p’i skor”. There are five texts, which describe the method of building statues, stupas, and temples, the method of building the mandalas of the four series of Tantras, methods of divination, and the explanation of the first two vehicles of Bön.

Volume 6: “Rab ‘byams dkyil ‘khor rgya mtsho’i zhal thang gi bkod pa dwangs shel me long”. These texts explain the arrangement for thangka paintings of the yidam deities of the four tantric cycles along with drawings showing their position and colors, etc.

Volume 7: continuation of Volume 6

Volume 8: “bDus rtags dang phar phyin gyi skor”. The first and second texts of this series explain logic. The third explains Prajna Paramita. The fourth explains Shinay practice. The fifth is a further explanation of advanced Shinay.

Volume 9: “dBu m’i rnam bshad kyi skor”. The volume contains a series of texts on Madhyamika.

Volume 10: “gSang ba sngags kyi rnam par bshad p’i mchan bka’ ‘grel gsal byed ches bya ba bzhugs”. This volume contains an extensive study of the stages of practice of the four cycles of Tantra.

Volume 11: “Ma rgyud kyi ‘grel b’i skor”. This series includes five texts explaining the Mother Tantra.

Volume 12: “Zin bris dang chog khrigs kyi skor”. This volume is a description and explanation of rituals.

Volume 13: “rDzogs chen gyi skor”. This volume includes six texts with instructions on rDzogs chen. The fifth text contains long life prayers.