Dzambhala: Deity of Wealth and Prosperity



Small Dimensions – Height: 1 ½” x Width: ¾” x Depth: ¼”, Weight: 7 ounces

Medium Dimensions – Height: 6″ x Width: 5” x Depth: 3 ¼”, Weight: 1 pound 9 ounces

Large Dimensions – Height: 9″ x Width: 7 ½” x Depth: 5”, Weight: 4 pounds 5 ounces



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Dzambala is an important deity in the Bon tradition, and is considered a deity of wealth and prosperity. His role is to support the practitioner so that they have favorable conditions for spiritual growth.

Cast in bronze, with gold-plate on the body, and delicate gold dust paint on the face. Handcrafted in Nepal.


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1.5", 6", 9"