Himalayan Bon Incense


8 3/4″ long, 30 sticks


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From the box: In pure places high in the magnificent Himalayan mountain range, the ingredients needed to make incense according to the ancient historical texts of the Bon tradition can be found. After harvesting a selection of roots, stems, leaves and flowers, one offers the fragrant smell of the smoke from these finest ingredients to the Three Jewels, to the oath-bound protectors of the Buddhas’ teachings, to the glorious worldly protectors, to the eight classes of spirits, and to the beings of the six realms. This offering pleases the Buddhas and holds the protectors their oaths. Through this generosity, the sentient beings of the six realms are satisfied. These ingredients, which bring about happiness and wellbeing, are combined with plant powders to form incense sticks. This Himalayan Bon Incense has been made in this way by the Bonpo minorities of Dolpo, the holders of these ancient lineages.