Khandros (Goddesses) of the Five Elements


Finely hand-painted in Nepal 

Brocade Dimensions – Height: 47” x Width: 31” 

Painting Dimensions – Height: 21 1/2” x Width: 14 3/4”


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Ancient healing and spiritual traditions around the world are based on an understanding of the elements. In the Tibetan tradition there are five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. The elements are understood as the underlying energies from which the physical world, our bodies, our emotions, and our minds arise. A khandro (Skt. dakini), or goddess,
is connected with each element.

The central image is the white Khandro of the space element is surrounded by the khandros of the other four elements. Beginning at the lower left-hand corner, and moving counter-clockwise are the khandros of the Earth element (yellow), Air element (green), Fire element (red) and the Water element (blue).