Ligmincha International Window Sticker



Dimension: 3” diameter


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Permanent sticker with the Ligmincha International seal to use on a window.

Ligmincha International receives its name from an ancient dynasty of kings once located in the country of Zhang Zhung. This country was once located in what is now the northwestern part of Tibet. The Ligmincha seal can be found throughout centers and sanghas associated with this community. The unique seal provides a brief history of the Ligmincha dynasty and its importance to the organization. In the language of Zhang Zhung, the outer ring of the seal reads, “The kind of existence who has power over the Three Worlds”. Within this inscription lies a colorful lotus flower with five petals. The petals symbolize the five sciences necessary for a human to live an educated and fulfilled life. Next, a star lies within the flower. The star consists of eight points, symbolizing the first eight ways of the Bön tradition, or the ways to enlightenment. Finally, the Tibetan letter “A” lies in the center of the seal. This letter represents the ninth and final way of enlightenment. The seal is used throughout the tradition and serves as a historical anchor for the institution.