Norzinling Incense


9 1/2″ long, 20 sticks


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From the box: Norzinling Incense is prepared from the highly valuable medicinal herbs gathered from the sacred Himalayan Mountains. It was produced from different well selected natural aromatic medicinal plants and with other precious substances by an experienced traditional Tibetan Doctor with centuries of indigenous knowledge and practice. This incense is total absent of chocking and camphor smell and is also non-toxic and non-habit forming.

Beneficial: Generally incense is used for prayer offering and purification in order to delight the deities and fulfills the desire of all sentient beings; and increases the one’s merit. It also cleans the environment of all bad energies and it is very effective for all diseases especially epidemic. This natural medicinal incense is very effective for causing harmonious meditation and purifies one’s physical and mental.