Sung Khor – Sherap Chamma (Mother of Wisdom and Love) Family Protection (small)


Height: 1 1/4″ x Width: 1 1/4″

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Sherap Chamma amulet is said to have the power to protect from negativities and obscurations caused by enemies and evil spirits who may be motivated by the eight types of fear.

Sungkhor (protection amulet) in general is said to have the capacity to protect and expel obscurations, obstacles, hostile actions and objects, as well as other negative forces that have caused them. If one wears it correctly, next to one’s body, with respect, never putting it on the floor or spoiling it, the protection mandala is regarded as a weapon.

Inside is a piece of paper upon which the particular mandala and mantras are written in Tibetan. The sheet is then folded and wrapped with colored string. These may be worn as a pendant, hung in one’s car or home, or placed on one’s shrine.

All amulets have been blessed.