Tonpa Shenrap



Dimensions – Height: 5 ¾” x Width: 4 ½” x Depth: 2 ½”, Weight: 1 pound 4 ounces


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Tonpa Shenrap (the Supreme Teacher), also known as Shenrap Miwo, is the founder of the Bön tradition of Tibet. Peaceful in appearance, he is adorned with the 13 ornaments of a peaceful deity: a crown, earrings, three necklaces (short, medium, and long), bracelets, anklets, arm bands, a scarf, a skirt, a throne, a golden decoration behind the throne, and a halo. His right hand is extended across his knee and holds the yungdrung (yung–unchanging, drung–unceasing), which represents eternal truth.

Cast in bronze with delicate gold dust paint on the face. Handcrafted in Nepal.