Traditional Sorig Bumzhi Tibetan Incense Powder


1 bag, 2 ounces


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Loose powder incense. You may burn by sprinkling over charcoal or fire.

From the box: It is prepared mainly from Ambergris & Jurinea Dolomiaea along with other thirty eight different aromatic medicinal plants gathered from high Himalayan regions as prescribed in an ancient text – Ter-jang (Treasury note) of Ponse Khyungoe Tsal and Dechen Lingpa. This incense is beneficial for offering in religious ceremonies in order to delight the deities. It also helps to expel the forces of harmful evil spirits and to suppress the diseases. Causing an effective and harmonious meditation, this incense regenerates the breach of one’s sacred vows and spiritual obligations; and purifies one’s physical, mental and energetic contamination. This incense is free from toxic or addictive properties.