Drenpa Namkha

Deities & Enlightened Teachers

Drenpa Namkha, born in the eighth century in southwestern Tibet near the sacred Mt. Kailash, was the most important early teacher of Bön and also is regarded as an emanation of Tonpa Shenrap, founder of Bön. He is the father of Tséwang Rigdzin, whose longevity practice has been taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and others in the Bön lineage.

Drenpa Namkha is depicted as bright blue in color with one face and two arms, richly attired with a crown, jewels and loincloth. In his right hand he holds a yungdrung (Skt. swastika) to indicate the indestructibility and unchanging nature of the teachings. In his left hand he holds a skull cup. He has both peaceful and wrathful energies, signified by his slightly extended right leg and his left leg drawn closer to his body.