Kuntu Zangpo

Deities & Enlightened Teachers

Kuntu Zangpo (Skt. Samantabhadra) and his consort, Kuntu Zangmo, are the representation of the primordial or dharmakaya Buddha (bönku). Kuntu Zangpo mean “everlasting all goodness.” In the dzogchen teachings, Kuntu Zangpo represents the naked, skylike, primordially pure nature of our mind. In the Bön tradition, it is from Kuntu Zangpo that the Buddha Tonpa Shenrap manifested as an emanation for the benefit of all sentient beings in the world.

Kuntu Zangpo is depicted as sky blue in color, naked and without ornaments, signifying the innermost aspect, the primordial state. Endowed with the twofold wisdom of emptiness (female aspect) and skillful means (male aspect), his great compassion for all sentient beings guides us toward recognition of our own minds as empty and rootless.