Yeshe Walmo

Deities & Enlightened Teachers

Yeshé Walmo, the Wisdom Protector, is considered the wisdom aspect of Sipé Gyalmo and a semi-wrathful form of Sherap Chamma. She is the preserver and guardian of Bön wisdom, including texts and sacred items, and of Bön practitioners.

Historically, whenever Bön practitioners were threatened with persecution, the sacred Bön texts and ritual objects would be hidden in secret locations: in mountains, caves, under rocks, etc. Yeshé Walmo is the deity charged with keeping these hidden texts and sacred items safe. She is the same color as Sipé Gyalmo, but has only one face and two arms. She stands on one foot, in a dancing gesture or mudra. Adorned with peacock feathers, symbolizing the transmutation of poison (ignorance) into wisdom, she wears a garland of severed heads, showing her power to cut through our selfishness and ignorance. In her right hand, she holds a flaming sword of meteorite iron, and in her left hand she holds a vase filled with nectar that restores the lifespan and life force of practitioners. She wears a tiger skin and is surrounded by flames that burn ignorance to ashes.