$15,000 Matching Grant for Serenity Ridge

Serenity Ridge

Serenity Ridge is finally reopening after nearly two years away!  But reopening isn’t a matter of simply turning the lights on—it’s a different world after Covid-19 and we must ensure that all our friends and sangha members remain safe and secure.

With that in mind, a generous donor pledged up to $15,000 to help with our reopening costs through a dollar-for-dollar matching grant.  At this important time, your dollars can make all the difference. Every $1 you give results in $2 to pay for important building and safety improvements.   Click here to donate!

Some key projects underway that can be completed through this matching gift opportunity are:

  • New heating/air-conditioning system for the Lama House ($12,000)
  • Air-purifying “scrubbers” in the Garuda House, Gompa, and Kunzang Khang that kill 99.5% of all airborne viruses ($15,000)
  • New instant-heat replacement water heating unit for the Garuda House ($5,000)

These are just some of the critical changes we have had to take on in order to safely reopen this December.

Please consider joining with our generous donor to help keep our teachers and sangha healthy and safe at Serenity Ridge Retreat Center!