What is Bön?

Bön is among the oldest indigenous spiritual traditions in the world. It originated in Central Asia thousands of years ago and eventually took root in what is now Tibet. According to the Bön tradition, the earliest teachings of Bön come from Tonpa Shenrap, a fully enlightened being (a Buddha), more than 17,000 years ago. The Bön teachings, referred to by many as Tibetan Bön Buddhism, share much in common with Tibetan Buddhism, yet maintain their own unique roots and traditions.

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What Does Bön Teach?

Yungdrung Bön is an ancient system of spiritual teachings that originated in the land of Zhang Zhung, now a part of northwestern Tibet. The teachings of Bön are vast and rich, ranging from ancient rituals to maintain harmony with the environment; to physical and dream yogas; to dzogchen, recognition of the true nature of mind. They guide us to reflect on our lives; recognize the role of aversion, attachment and ignorance in suffering; awaken our innate wisdom; and manifest qualities including love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Bön teaches a truth that is primordial, unchanging, and indestructible.

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The Lineage of Bön

Bön is an ancient-yet-thriving tradition given to us by enlightened beings and handed down from generation to generation. Bön has hundreds of volumes of sacred texts, known as the kangyur and the tengyur that are a vital repository of teachings, healing and meditative practices, and much more. But it is in the guidance of our teachers, and their deep understanding of meditation and spiritual development that the teachings become fully alive and we benefit the most.

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What do we practice?

The sacred texts of Bön fill hundreds of volumes. Among them are more practices, teachings, and rituals than anyone could learn in a single lifetime. Every aspect of life is covered by these teachings.

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