Fall Retreat Early Registration Extended Until Sept. 1

Serenity Ridge

The early-bird registration discount for the Serenity Ridge Fall Retreat on the of “Guidance for Living and Dying” with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has been extended until September 1. Participants who register by September 1 will receive a $50 discount off the cost of registration.

The word “bardo” means “in between” in Tibetan, including the time between life and death, and the time between death and rebirth.

During this retreat, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will lead participants in exploring the transition between life in death, including preparation for dying, the process of dying, practices related with the bardo, how to prepare for one’s own death, and how to help others who are dying.

Rinpoche will guide participants in discovering the changeless self within all of our changing experiences—the stillness, silence and spaciousness beyond the body, speech and mind. Ample time for meditation, practice, and questions and answers will be included in the retreat.

The teachings on the bardo are one of the six great methods of the path of the Mother Tantra (Tib: Ma Gyü), one of the major tantric cycles of Bön. The fall retreat will conclude the latest cycle of Rinpoche’s teaching of the six paths of meditation from the Bon Mother Tantra—Sleep, Dream, Elements, Chod, Powa and Bardo.

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