After several months of teamwork and beta testing, we are launching a new Ligmincha Global Events Calendar for internal use and evaluation. The Team-up calendar app was selected by an international team of practitioners that included event organizers, retreat center managers, translators and students. It is now time to share our collective work more broadly.

This new calendar supports our aspiration to assist each center and sangha to efficiently plan and communicate their teachings and events both internationally and locally, thus achieving higher participation at events. We intend to make the calendar available publicly on at a later phase.

Team-up is an easy to use tool and offers a wide range of features and possibilities. For example, it can be used to schedule local practice sessions, organize translations and resources and much more. Events can automatically be posted as a web page, and the calendar can eventually be integrated, with customized views directly into a website.

To see the calendar and its capabilities, without any need for registration, just click this link: Ligmincha Global Events Calendar. Our suggestion is to either select the “Year” or “Month” view the first time you access the calendar, as this gives the clearest picture of its scope. Olivia has also provided a short presentation providing an overview of the application. If you would like a personal presentation please contact: Olivia at

For the next phase, we need your support! We invite you to appoint a member or members from your sangha to experience the benefits of a shared calendar. We can provide a demonstration and introduction of how to use it. If found beneficial, one of your sangha members can then become the manager of your country’s or center’s calendar as we move forward. Using the calendar system is purely optional, but we see clear potential for it to bring benefits to everyone.  And, the more of us who use it, the bigger those benefits. If you have not already done so, please submit the names and email addresses of your community’s testors for full access to: