Forty-Three Trainings for an Enlightened Mind


Forty Three Trainings for an Enlightened Minda And Other Divine Writings

Composed by Kündun Sonam Lodrӧ, the 22nd Menri Trizin

Translated by Raven Cypress Wood

Paperback, 92 pages.

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Kündun Sonam Lodrö’s clear and direct message of wisdom speaks to us from the past, providing guidance on how to live a meaningful human life by developing our spiritual practice. His powerful advice can benefit all meditators. Examples include:

“In order to practice the path of liberation at all times during the day and night, you must have the kind of diligent effort that is like trying to extinguish your hair that has caught on fire. Those of you who want to accomplish benefit for migrating beings, generate this kind of diligent effort towards completely pure acts of virtue which are the source of good qualities.”

“When power over one’s mind has not been attained, spirituality and worldly affairs are contradictory. When power over one’s mind has been attained, spirituality and worldly affairs are method and wisdom.”