Masters of the Zhang Zhung Nyengyud



Pith Instructions from the Experiential Transmission of Bönpo Dzogchen

Teachings by Yongdzin Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche

Transcribed and Edited by Carol Ermakova and Dmitry Ermakov

Hardcover, 158 pages

Full color illustrations, some Tibetan

Height: 8 ¾” x Width: 5 ¾” x Depth: ⅝”, Weight: 1 pound 2 ounces


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Here, publically available in English for the first time, are the heart teachings of ancient Bönpo Dzogchen Masters, translated and commented on by Yongdzin  Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, the current holder of this unique lineage.

Part of a living heritage, Masters of the Zhang Zhung Nyengyud carries not only words of instructions and stories but also blessings, and as such it can become a key to unlocking the doors of our mind, a guide on the path to realizing the true Nature of Mind.


Yongdzin Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche was born in Kham, Eastern Tibet in 1926. After studying for four years in a remote cave with his master, he later obtained his Geshe degree and became head teacher of Menri Monastery in Tsang, central Tibet. Today he is the supreme lineage holder and teacher of Yungdrung Bön. In exile, Yongdzin Rinpoche established two monasteries, Menri in Dolanji, India and Triten Norbutse in Kathmandu, Nepal and in 2005 he opened Shenten Dargye Ling, an international centre for study and practice of Yungdrung Bön in Blou, France. He has been teaching dzogchen regularly in Europe and the USA since 1989.