Sacred Landscape and Pilgrimage in Tibet



In Search of the Lost Kingdom of Bön

by Gesha Gelek Jinpa, Charles Ramble, Carroll Dunham, Thomas Kelly (photographer)

Hardcover and oversized, 204 pages

Full color illustrations, includes DVD

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This spiritual adventure is the first book to document the living tradition of Bön. What makes this narrative so compelling is that the voice and perspective of Gelek, a young n monk, lends an intimacy and knowledge of n not found in religious texts. According to the Tibetan calendar, 2002 was a holy year for pilgrimages, and in the holiest month of that year, Gelek set out from his monastery in Nepal with some hardy companions and photographer Thomas Kelly to travel to Kailash, a sacred mountain in western Tibet. He was also on a quest to seek out the long-vanished kingdom of Zhangzhung. At the end of the journey, Gelek finds little that resembles the Bön kingdom. He comes upon crumbling ruins that have all but reverted to their native dust and earth. From this experience Gelek understands that the essence of his faith is built not on these shifting sands but on the bedrock of the changeless Bön teachings. This extraordinary trek is illustrated by 160 stunningly beautiful color photographs of the unknown landscapes, as well as travelers and local people. Accompanying the images is the authors vivid description of their journey, which is especially evocative as it includes translated excerpts from Gelek’s personal diary.