Sipé Gyalmo


Height: 22 1/2” x Width: 19” x Depth: 6”, Weight: 22 pounds, 4 pieces


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Hand cast statue, made in Nepal. Bronze with gold highlights.

Sipé Gyalmo is both a yidam (meditation deity) and a protector. She is one of the most frequently propitiated deities in the Bön tradition of and extends her protection to both spiritual practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Though wrathful in appearance, she is an emanation of Sherap Chamma (Mother of Wisdom and Love) and fully embodies the qualities of wisdom and compassion.

Sipé Gyalmo, Queen of Existence, is the most wrathful manifestation of Sherap Chamma. Dark azure in color, fierce in appearance, she has three faces and six arms. She is adorned with a crown of skulls, bone ornaments, and a necklace of freshly-severed heads.

In her three right hands are a victory banner, a flaming sword, and a phurba (dagger). She cuts the knots of illusion and vanquishes the three root poisons – desire, hatred, and ignorance. In her three left hands she holds an axe, a skull cup of blood, and at her heart she holds a wisdom mirror that reflects all things clearly.

Riding on a mule with a naga king (Tib. lu, serpent spirit) as a halter and reins, she sits atop the skin of a corpse, symbolizing impermanence. She is surrounded by flames of wisdom fire.