Dear Ligmincha Community,

I am happy to be sending this first edition of our new, bi-monthly newsletter to you. This is an opportunity for me to share information about global projects, events, special teachings, and more. We welcome your feedback and comments as this newsletter evolves.

I recently had the opportunity to spend five wonderful days with Rinpoche in California, and then six more days in Mexico, at the extraordinary stupa in Valle de Bravo. We spent many hours thinking and reflecting on all that has been accomplished within Ligmincha, what our priorities are, and expanding on his vision for our sacred mandala of practitioners.

Two areas that Rinpoche wants us to focus on are: (1) preservation of the teachings and (2) expanding access to the teachings of Yungdrung Bon. What this looks like is something we invite you to reflect on with us.

Our connection to the monasteries and nunneries, to the rinpoches, geshes and monks is critical for us to maintain the authenticity of the teachings and to hold them for future generations. And we also know that finding ways to essentialize the teachings and the practices will help them to find their way further into the western world.

Rinpoche has always sought to bring us into the innermost essence of the teachings in a clear and direct way. The 3 Doors and the CyberSangha are examples of this work. We will continue to look for new ways to bring the power and benefit of Bön spiritual practices into the modern world. I look forward to sharing more about this as our thoughts evolve.

With great warmth,



Rob Patzig
President, Board Chair
Ligmincha International