O Master, from your compassion bless me.
Bless me that I may cut the illusory visions of the bardo.
Bless me that I may reconnect the mother voidness and the son awareness.

— from Bardo Prayer by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


Lighting Candles, Reciting Prayers, Mantras & Practices

It is traditional to light candles and to recite the Precious Garland prayer as many times as one is able  from the moment of the final exhalation, and for the next 72 hours (3 days).

These prayers and mantras are a support to the deceased when recited in their presence of the deceased or from any location. 

According to the Bon tradition, beginning on the fourth day after death, the spiritual journey continues. This bardo period is said to last for 49 days. 

Lighting Candles

Lighting 108 butterlamps, or tea lights, and having them burn continuoulsy for the 3 days and nights is traditionally done to honor those who have passed away. If this is not possible, light as many tea lights as possible during this time period.

Precious Garland Prayer & Bardo Prayer by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Traditionally, after one has passed, for those who live near a monastery, the Precious Garland prayer would be recited by monks continuously for 3 days and nights. We can continue this tradition by reciting this prayer as many times as possible, or playing a recording.

MA TRI Mantra

The Ma Tri mantra, one of the three Bön Heart mantras, can be recited by friends and loved ones as a support for the journeyer.

Six Lokas Practice

If you have received teachings or transmission of The Six Lokas practice, it is efficacious to do this during the seven weeks of the bardo period.

Shenlha Okar, Sherap Chamma and the Buddhas of the Six Realms (Lokas)


We offer different ways in which you can support your families, and members of our sangha. You can request prayers from sangha and prayers and rituals by lamas.


Consider making a donation to a charity in the name of the deceased, to create merit for them, as well as for the one making the donation. In Tibetan, this is known as ‘gewa’.  Perhaps there is an organization that was important to them or a monastery or cause. 

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The one year anniversary

Traditionally, the one year and following anniversaries of the passing of loved ones, is a time to engage in virtuous deeds by reciting prayers, burning butter lamps, hanging prayer flags, donating to charities, and liberating lives of animals. Prayers can aslo be requested from monasteries.

Chi Go Prayer Flags, Dolanji



Help Continue Our Mission

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