A European Retreat Center, which offers a broad scope of opportunities to enhance one‘s spiritual development needs the potential of the European Sangha. To support the practitioners close to their everyday life through local sanghas, embedded within national sanghas is a critical success factor for offering further services which can only be main-tained by a Retreat Center. And vice versa a Retreat Center can only be maintained by practitioners, who feel like giving something.

In Amsterdeam (May 2014) after solid research by the Founders’ Circle, Rinpoche agreed on the initial goal of raising 1.000.000 Euro funds in order to proceed (see also our progress chart). We are convinced that reaching this initial goal is a solid basis for our first step in this wonderful project.


Chart is from March 30, 2015:

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How to Donate

We offer different ways for your opportunity to support our project. Please choose your donation form from:


Cash on one of our courses or in your center

On some courses we offer the possibility to donate in cash. If you wish to donate cash please contact the responsible person on the course or at your center. However, we assume that using paypal or bank transfer are more convenient ways to donate.


Place your donation by paypal (single or recurring)

Since June 2014 we offer the possibility to place your donation online through paypal if you are preferring this method. It is most likely the cheaper way to donate and avoid charges with your bank, once you transfer from outside Germany. After clicking on the icon you see “Ligmincha Deutschland e.V.” and the purpose of your donate “Ligmincha Retreat Center in Europe” and can choose between one-time or monthly payment.

Single donation by bank transfer

If you do not use paypal or prefer using the direct transfer. Please address your donation with purpose “Ligmincha Retreat Center in Europe” to:

Ligmincha Deutschland e.V.
Frankfurter Sparkasse
Kto. Nr.:


Monthly payment by standing order

You of course can also give a standing order to your bank, to donate on a frequent basis (i.e. monthly, quarterly). Please use the same information as afore mentioned for the single donation by bank transfer.


If you feel like supporting our vision of Ligmincha Retreat Center in Europe we kindly invite you to send your donation to Ligmincha Deutschland e.V., which is hosting the funds until we have found an entity. Please choose as subject of the money transfer “Ligmincha Retreat Center in Europe” to ensure your donation is dedicated to our project.

Ligmincha Deutschland e.V. is a nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible, since they are exclusively and directly for non-profit and charitable purposes in terms of §§ 51ff. AO.

For donations of 200 euros we send you a donation receipt, if we have your address. For donations, the payment receipt or bank statement applies up to 200 euros as tax-deductible for submission


Ligmincha Deutschland e.V.
Frankfurter Sparkasse
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Kto. Nr.: 200269283
IBAN: DE09500502010200269283