Healing the Earth and Our Communities Through Indigenous Traditions — Hyolmo Tradition from Nepal

22Apr(Apr 22)11:00 am23(Apr 23)12:30 pmHealing the Earth and Our Communities Through Indigenous Traditions — Hyolmo Tradition from Nepal

Event Details

Join Ligmincha International’s second Indigenous Healing Traditions conversation with Khandro Tsering Wangmo Khymsar. Our special guest, Shaman Pasang Furpa Sherpa, is a traditional healer of the Hyolmo culture from Nepal. Find inspiration and wisdom in Shaman Pasang’s warm and lively narrative and hear stories rarely shared with outsiders.  Pasang-la will introduce us to Hyolmo culture and shamanic healing tradition.

This conversation takes place in two parts: Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23, from 11:00AM to 12:30 PM, New York time, on Zoom. The conversation will be in Nepalese with English, Hungarian and Spanish translation.


Saturday, April 22: Shaman Pasang will share the origins, beliefs and culture of these beautiful and unique people!

Sunday, April 23: Shaman Pasang will share about his shamanic lineage, how he trained and how he helps people in his community to heal. We will share recent footage of Shaman Pasang in a healing session.

There will be opportunities to ask questions on both days.

Stay tuned for updates on interpretation into other languages. Our event takes place in two parts, on both Saturday, April 22, and Sunday, April 23 from 11:00AM to 12:30 PM, New York time.


About Shaman Pasang Furpa Sherpa:

Shaman Pasang Furpa Sherpa started his journey as a healer at the age of six. He learned from his father, who was also a shaman. Until the age of sixteen he received various training and participated in many pujas (ceremonial worships). Since then he has served as the healer within his community.

Pasang Furpa Sherpa is a well-known, highly experienced healer, trusted by his community. His mission is to preserve and keep the tradition and culture of Hyolmo shamanism alive for future generations. Apart from offering rituals and ceremonies he trains younger shamans. He is the chairman of Nepal Hyolmo Bon Cultural Preservation Community, an organization established with the support of Triten Norbutse Monastery and with the help of the Nepalese government and individual donors.

Moderator of the event: Khandro Tsering Wangmo Khymsar

Khandro Tsering Wangmo Khymsar is deeply steeped in the life, rituals and traditions of Yungdrung Bön religion and culture. Khandro-la is known for her personal warmth and vibrant laugh, using personal stories and experiences in her teaching to combine spiritual and practical knowledge. She is the wife of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. They live together in California with their son, Senghe. Khandro-la has a degree in social services and is deeply involved in education, community building and support for the homeless in the Berkeley, CA area.

Background of Hyolmo people

Referring to themselves as the “hyolmo” or “Yolmopa”, the Hyolmo are native residents of the Helambu valleys and the surrounding regions of Northeastern Nepal. Their combined population in these regions is around 11,000. They also have sizeable communities in Bhutan, Darjeeling, Sikkim and some regions of South-Western Tibet. The Hyolmo people speak the Hyolmo language which has similarities to Tibetan. The Hyolmos are Buddhists with a strong shamanic background.

Like many Himalayan communities, they also maintain an indigenous, pre-Buddhist spiritual practice. A Hyolmo Shaman is called a Bompo or Bombo, and serves as a ritual expert whose practices include divination, healing, and worship of tutelary deities and divine spirits. Apart from these, a Bompo also upholders the oral narratives and stories passed down from divine ancestors. In earlier times, before modern medical care was available, shamans were the doctors and healers for the whole community. Now that modern medical care is widely accessible, the Hyolmo still seek healing rituals as a supplement for modern medicine.



April 22, 2023 11:00 am - April 23, 2023 12:30 pm NYT(GMT+00:00)