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with Alejandro Chaoul-Reich


Tsa Lung is a series of ancient yogic practices that brings balance and harmony to our physical body, energy, and mind. The term Tsa Lung can be translated as the energy-winds (Tib: lung, Skt: prana, Chinese: qu) in the channels. These practices are designed to open the subtle channels, guiding the healthy flow of the energy-winds so that we can enjoy good health and reconnect with more calmness to a quiet, peaceful mind. These exercises are easy to perform and are suitable for everyone.

The External Tsa Lung works primarily on the physical level, using simple movements and breath exercises to balance the energies within our body. The Internal Tsa Lung works more at the level of breath and subtle energy, bringing our attention to opening the five chakras and the central channel. The Secret Tsa Lung uses subtle visualizations within the chakras and central channel to bring harmony to the mind, so that we can rest in our inner refuge, nature of mind. All of the Tsa Lung exercises integrate and balance the five elements within: earth, water, fire, wind and space.

These practices are drawn from the Bön Mother Tantra (Tib: Ma Gyud) the highest tantra in our tradition. They are a beautiful complement to any meditation practice, and particularly to dzogchen. They are frequently performed at the beginning of a session so that meditation is deeper and more stable. The External Tsa Lung is commonly performed in all Ligmincha centers and groups.



May 23, 2020 - June 21, 2020 (All Day)(GMT+00:00)


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