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Heart Drops of Dharmakaya

with Lama Kalsang Nyima

Heart Drops of Dharmakaya by itself is a full Dzogchen teaching. The reason it’s called “Hearth Drops of Dharmakaya”, is because this is one of the most essential teachings.

“If you do this practice with commitment, you will begin to perceive that all external things are not that obscure and heavy as usually seen, everything becomes lighter and brighter. Internally you can feel your own body lighter and brighter as well; your mind becomes clearer, and all internal and external existence have more light. In all cultures and traditions Light something to seek for, purpose of light is to bring clarity to the darkness. When wisdom is awaken, darkness on ignorance becomes clear, then the true light becomes the oneself experience. Discovering the inner light within yourself may impact  all existence around you. The metaphor used is: No matter how long the room has been dark, an hour or a million years, the moment the lamp of awareness is lit the entire room becomes luminous. You are that luminosity. You are that clear light. I’m talking about the inner awakening, the awakening experience is represented by the syllable  HUNG.”

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rínpoche



28 – 30 January, 2022 – PRESENTIAL MEETING

The Great Bön Stupa for World Peace
Chamma Ling Retreat Center, Valle de Bravo, México.



Inquiries and registration: WhatsApp +52 614 337 8043

Lama Kalsang Nyima was born in the province of Dolpo in western Nepal, in 1970, near the village of Tad Though, part of modern Nepal. In his family, there were great practitioners.

At the age of 2 or 3, his father decided that he was going to be a monk, and at the age of 9 he took his novice vows at the Samling monastery, the oldest and most important monastery in Dolpo, where his grandfather was the Lopon or Teacher. For 12 years he had intensive training in the methods of Sutra and Tantra. He completed the practices of Ngöndro (fundamental practices), Phowa (liberation at the time of death), A Kar Me 49-day retreat, Shenlha Okar 49-day retreat, Phurba 30-day retreat, 14 days Red Garuda, and the 60 day Takla Membar retreat.



January 28, 2022 - January 30, 2022 (All Day) GMT-6(GMT+00:00)