Soul and Life ~ Force Retrieval

14MayAll DaySoul and Life ~ Force RetrievalLongevity Practice of Lama Tsewang Rikdzin with Geshe Denma Gyaltsen

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A traumatic event or other shock can cause one to loose their internal balance and to become dispirited.
In Bön practices, this is called loss of Soul which is composed of the harmonious balance of the 5 elements. In longevity practice, using ritual, prayer and mantra we can restore the balance and harmony of these elements.
In this retreat we will learn the longevity practice as taught by Lama Tsewang Rikdzin. the Ghana Puja of
Lama Tsewang Rikdzin and the divination practice of Sipa Gyalmo.

This ritual though complete in itself, is part of a group of of practices that is called Soul and Life Force ~ Retrieval that will be taught in 3 consecutive retreats.

Lama Tsewang Rikdzin was the son of the great Bon sage Drenpa Namkha. Literally, tsewang translates as power of life or power of longevity. Geshe Denma Gyaltsen will teach from the ancient text of Tsewang Jarima.

Retreats in the Soul Retrieval series:

  • April 25-29,2019: Longevity Practice & Ghana Puja of Lama Tsewang Rikdzin
  • October 3-6,2019: Soul Retrieval ( La Lu)
  • April 30 May1-3: Life Force Retrieval



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