The Power of Mantra: A, OM, HUNG

10JanAll Day12The Power of Mantra: A, OM, HUNG

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with Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

An open mind and compassionate heart are important and necessary virtues to lead a good life. But we are often bound and limited by our prejudices, fears and divisions. Awareness is the key that frees us and allows our positive qualities to be expressed. Awareness is essential for spiritual transformation. When we open our body, speech, and mind with awareness, our inherent capacity for love is found to be already present.

In the Bön tradition of Tibet, sacred sound is used as a skillful means to release tensions and blockages in our body, free our speech of divisions of exclusion and bias, and activate the compassionate qualities of an open heart. Through engaging the sacred syllables of A, OM and HUNG, we employ the power of mantra to awaken the sacred dimension of our body, speech and mind and transform our life for the benefit of ourselves and others.




January 10, 2020 - January 12, 2020 (All Day)(GMT+00:00)


Houston, TX, US

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