Fall Retreat on Living and Dying Begins October 13 on Zoom

Ligmincha International

What if you were told you had one year to live? How would that change your perspective on life, on yourself, on your priorities?

Join Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche at Ligmincha’s Annual Fall Retreat on “Living in Joy, Dying in Peace” hosted by Serenity Ridge Retreat Center, as he invites us to reflect on impermanence, our sense of identity and our hidden attachments. As we explore and deepen our personal relationship to impermanence and death, we can discover the key to living joyfully.

At the moment of death, we let go of everything, including our possessions, our loved ones, our body, our identity. Resistance to letting go at this moment, or at any moment of change in life, leads to suffering. As we accept the truth of impermanence, we can open to each moment as it is. We can experience awakening. We do not have to wait until our last moment to awaken. We can awaken here, now.

Through teachings and guided meditations, Rinpoche will help us to realize the importance of resolving conflicts now, recognize death as a doorway to opening the heart and achieving self-realization, and cultivate an intimate connection with an internal source of refuge that serves us as other supports fall away. We can explore our individual relationship to death as well as learn how to assist a dying loved one through prayers and mantra.

Live simultaneous translation will be available in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

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