International Umdze Retreat – March 23-26, 2023

Ligmincha International, Mexico

Ligmincha International had the first ever international practice retreat for our umdzes at the Great Stupa for World Peace, Chamma Ling, Valle de Bravo, Mexico in March. Ligmincha Mexico was our host, and everyone was deeply moved by their endless generosity and care for all visitors. It is impossible to visit the stupa and not feel at home.

Umdzes from Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, the United States, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and Poland came to the retreat, and others from around the world joined us online, including umdzes from Germany, France and Peru. This two and one half day event provided teachings and blessings from Rinpoche, saw the introduction of our revised code of conduct, and brought a new level of community and support to our practice leaders. Our next retreat of this kind will be in Poland in 2025. Details to come!