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Join Rinpoche in Crestone, Colorado in September for Part 2 of A-Tri Dzogchen

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will return to Crestone, Colorado September 23–25 to continue his teaching on the dzogchen text, The Stages of A-tri Meditation. The A-tri is an essential meditation guide to one of the three main dzogchen lineages in the Tibetan Bon tradition.

Rinpoche will present these teachings at the beautiful Colorado College campus in Crestone, Colorado, and simultaneously with our worldwide sangha via Zoom. We invite you to attend these special teachings in the physical presence of our teacher in the inspirational setting of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado.

Written by the 13th century master Drugyalwa Yungdrung, based on even earlier teachings, this step-by-step guide introduces preliminary practices, the nature of mind, and how to deepen one’s practice and understanding until ultimate liberation. A book on the A-tri, based on Rinpoche’s teachings in the Netherlands over a seven-year period, was published recently by the Netherlands sangha and is now being revised for publication in the United States by Sacred Sky Press.

This retreat is the second in a three-part series that Tenzin Rinpoche began in September 2021. All are welcome, whether or not you attended Part 1. As part of the registration package, all who register will receive video recordings from last year, which can be reviewed before this fall’s retreat. The third teaching in the series is planned for September 2023, both in person and online. The retreat is sponsored by Chamma Ling Colorado, with the support of Ligmincha International.

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Don’t Fall for Fake Facebook Accounts

Don’t Fall for Fake Facebook Accounts

Dear sangha and friends, please know that Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche never sends private messages from his Facebook page asking for money or advertising products or services, and he is not sending friend requests.

If you see a fake Facebook account, please let us know,

Spiritual Stories from Zhang Zhung in December and January

Spiritual Stories from Zhang Zhung in December and January

In the Bon tradition, spiritual stories are a traditional form of teaching. They inspire devotees and practitioners to develop and strengthen their faith in dharma teaching. Join Lishu Institute teachers Geshe Sherap Lodoe and Dr. Sangmo Yangri in December and January on Zoom for their second season of stories from the Bon tradition.

Fall Retreat on Living and Dying Begins October 13 on Zoom

Fall Retreat on Living and Dying Begins October 13 on Zoom

What if you were told you had one year to live? How would that change your perspective on life, on yourself, on your priorities?

Join Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche at Ligmincha’s Annual Fall Retreat on «Living in Joy, Dying in Peace» hosted by Serenity Ridge Retreat Center, as he invites us to reflect on impermanence, our sense of identity and our hidden attachments.

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