Experience the Power of Giving

Ligmincha International, Serenity Ridge

Fundraiser dinner – June 23, 2023

Just one day before the summer retreat, Serenity Ridge Retreat Center organized and hosted a fundraiser dinner to support the orphans and semi-orphans of the Bön Children Welfare Center (BCWC) in Dolanji, India. His Holiness, the 34th Menri Trizin, the spiritual leader of Bön and the abbot of Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Ligmincha International’s resident lamas also attended to support the cause.

About the Bön Children’s Welfare Center

The Bön Children’s Welfare Center (“BCWC”) is a Tibetan boarding school for orphans, and disadvantaged children in Dholanji, India. The Center was established in the 1970s by His Holiness the 33rd Menri Trizin Lungtok Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche, and his tireless efforts are now continued by His Holiness 34th Menri Trizin 34th spiritual head of the Bon Buddhist tradition of Tibet.

BCWC is run under the Yungdrung Bon Monastic Centre Society and is registered in India as a society under the Himachal Pradesh Societies Registration Act 2006. This society is run through donations by generous people from all over the world. BCWC’s mission is to provide food, clothing, shelter and education, school supplies, healthcare and medicine, and other essentials to children, who are typically arriving to the center from the poorest villages. Currently, there are at least 89 boys studying in the center, who are from the remote areas of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Thank you for your donation!

Our sangha and guests raised over $11,000! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everybody who supported the cause. This amount will cover the most essential needs – such as food, clothing, education, and medical care – for many students.

We will continue to collect funds for them through August. If you would like to donate to support the orphans, you can still do so:


Donate now to BCWC