Fundraiser for Great Bön Stupa in Mexico

Ligmincha International

The Great Bön Stupa for World Peace in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, was consecrated on December 4, 2010. Now, Ligmincha Mexico has a program to improve the retreat center and also allow groups and individuals to generate merit by sponsoring a series of new stupas.

The Great Stupa is a spiritual center for the Ligmincha Mexico sangha and the international community. It also is home to Mexico’s two resident lamas, Lama Kalsang Nyima and Lama Yungdrung Lodoe. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has said, “This stupa is a place where everybody can come to learn and heal, a place where it may be possible to have experiences for spiritual development and for the soul to grow.”

Ligmincha Mexico’s fundraising project will create 33 stupas circling the Great Stupa. Four large stupas will be almost two meters (six and one-half feet) tall, and 29 of them will be one and one-half meters (almost five feet) tall. The proceeds also will fund the building of new dormitories for people who want to stay onsite for retreats or come to the stupa for personal retreat.

To date, this fundraising project has been a great success. Only one large stupa and one small stupa remain unsponsored. Even if you cannot visit the Great Stupa or one of Ligmincha’s other stupas around the world, you can directly participate in their creation by donating to this project. If you cannot sponsor the full cost of a stupa, any amount will be most appreciated.

To contribute to this project, you can make a donation to Ligmincha International. In the comment field please write “Great Stupa” so that we can direct the proceeds to this program.

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