NEW! “Sleep Yoga: The Yoga of Clear Light” Course on Ligmincha Learning

Ligmincha International

We spend one-third of our life in sleep, yet for most people sleep is a period of unconsciousness. Through the practices of the Yoga of Clear Light we can learn to be completely aware during our sleep, open, clear, resting in deep meditative presence.

Join us for this new course, offered for the first time online, September 19–October 28. Original teachings were created by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche especially for this course.

This course will introduce simple techniques to enter into sleep in a healthy, balanced way. This is supported by breathing techniques, physical postures and guided visualizations. Rinpoche also will provide meditations to wake up in a beautiful way, feeling the blessings of sleep and stepping into our day with serenity.

Through these simple practices we can transform our sleep to be one of tranquility and awareness. Participants also can contribute to online global discussions with their classmates.

In addition to teaching and meditation videos, meditation assignments offer formal and informal practices designed for each part of the course.

The course is structured into four parts, with a week devoted to each section.

  1. Introduction to Sleep Yoga
  2. What is Sleep? Letting Go of Exhaustion
  3. The Main Practice of Sleep Yoga
  4. Obstacles & Signs of Progress

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