Sipe Gyalmo

Deities & Enlightened Teachers

Sipé Gyalmo, Queen of the World (universe) is the most important of the wrathful protectors of Yungdrung Bön. She is the wrathful form of Sherap Chamma. Through her, the loving-kindness and compassion of Sherap Chamma manifest in a wrathful form to ward off evil (and our own afflictions or negativities) and to protect and heal all sentient beings.

Sipé Gyalmo is dark blue in color with three faces: the right face is white, the left is red, and the central one is dark blue. She rides a mule and has six arms holding a victory banner, a sword of meteorite iron, a phurba (ritual dagger), a mirror, a hook and a skull cup. She is adorned with skulls, wears tiger and bear and tiger skin, and her saddle blanket is a freshly flayed human skin. Her ferocity and her terror-inspiring appearance show that she cuts through the ego and ignorance of practitioners, and can protect from all harm.