Welcome to Our New Website!

Ligmincha International

Welcome to Ligmincha’s new website! We have been working hard to build a completely new site and hope you like the results. What you see is only the beginning! We will continue adding more content, access to teachings, and practice supports. We will even be adding a chatbot to help navigate our extensive collection of videos, our online courses, and books.

The redesign began with a survey of the international sangha. Responses from more than 700 people in 15 countries helped us better understand what people look for on our website. As a result, we have emphasized connecting to the teachings and practices both online and at our many centers and practice groups.

Your feedback about the site can help us to improve. If you have ideas or suggestions to share, please write us an email.

Many people have contributed to this design. First, we want to thank our teacher, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. He has long wanted better support for students online and has said that Ligmincha should be half in cyberspace and half in real life. We have much still to do, but his vision (and ours) is clear. We would like to thank Xubium, our developers in Peru. Their professionalism, experience and creativity have made the process a joyful one. Frank Jeri and José Antonio sparked this whole project last summer, and it could not have happened without their commitment and enthusiasm. Rob Patzig, Sue Davis-Dill, Mariela Iragorri, Frank Meola, Polly Turner, Vickie Walter, and Oliver Wirtz have been important contributors to this site’s current manifestation. Important for their prior attempts to help us modernize our web presence and for all that they taught us are Brian Harris, John Fesenko, Cynthia Allison, Aran Dunkley, Lucian Giurescu and Dave Fowler. Thank you all!