Red Garuda and Tibetan Yoga Online Retreats in November

Ligmincha International, Serenity Ridge

Join us in November for two special online retreats via Zoom. John Jackson will hold a weekend retreat from November 7–8 on “The Red Garuda: Powerful Wings of the Heart.” Alejandro Chaoul-Reich will hold a four-day retreat on “Tibetan Yoga for Health and Well-Being” from November 12–15. All are welcome.

November 7–8, 2020
The Red Garuda: Powerful Wings of the Heart
with John Jackson

John JacksonMythologies throughout the world recount the story of the eagle-man, the one who transcends and rises above mundane existence to connect with the wisdom of the spacious, luminous sky. The garuda represents this transcendent quality present in all humans, that which empowers and removes all obstacles to our spiritual development.


The Red Garuda is especially known as a healing practice for emotional and physical problems, both for ourselves and others, for the fiery strength of enlightened energy quickly burns away all obstacles. It also is known for its ability to resolve issues related to disturbances of the nagas, the beings of the waters.

Please join us for this weekend retreat via Zoom and connect with the power, strength and courageous wisdom that lie within your innermost being.
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November 12–15, 2020
Tibetan Yoga for Health and Well-Being
with Alejandro Chaoul-Reich

Ale trul khorBeginners and experienced students alike are invited to join us November 12–15, 2020 for instruction in the ancient practice of Tibetan yoga (trul khor), from the Bön A-tri Dzogchen tradition. This course can stand alone and also will be the first in a series of teachings to take place over the next three years.

Tibetan yoga can serve as a powerful support for all spiritual practitioners, not only those with an interest in physical yogas. In the Tibetan spiritual traditions, body, speech/breath and mind are known as the three doors to enlightenment or the natural state. The contemplative physical movements of Tibetan yoga of the A-tri tradition enable us to enter all three doors through a single practice, offering a powerful, skillful means for clearing the obstacles and obscurations to openness and clarity in meditation practice.
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